Preserve Memories With a Shadow Box Frame

Often times we try to think outside of the box, but now it is time to think inside of the box – a shadow box. A shadow box is a great way to frame odd shaped items, large fabrics, a collection of favorite memorabilia and so much more. Using a shadow box to create a display in your home is a popular option due to its exceptional versatility. Here are just a few ideas that we have thought of that would be great for anyone to use.

Wedding Memories

After the wedding is over and you are calming down from one of the biggest events of your life, you should think about how you would want to preserve those memories outside of just photographs. You could add a swatch from your color palette, a piece of jewelry, petals from your bouquet or even the garter to a shadow box to keep them cherished for decades ahead.

New Baby

The classic new baby shadow box would include the going-home outfit, the hat, blanket and first picture. Other options for a baby box would be to take pictures each month and display those as you watch your new son or daughter grow. You could even keep other mementos in this box, like footprint molds, their first stuffed animal or the name card that was displayed in their hospital bassinet.

High School/College Memories

Some of the best memories came from your school days and a shadow box is a perfect way to keep fresh your memories of all the times spent with your friends. You can include letterman jackets, awards or medals, your graduation cap and tassel, sorority/fraternity letters or copies of your graduation announcement. Whatever you choose to include, the items will stay protected from the elements inside, allowing you to look back on these fond days of youth for years to come.

Shadow boxes come in many custom shapes and sizes that can be tailor-made to fit whatever item or keepsakes you would like to frame. Even better, these frames can be made with a wide range of materials and color designs to match any existing décor at your home, office or apartment. At Jadite Galleries, we can help you create the perfect frame for you. To learn more, fill out a free quote form online now or call us today at 212-977-6190.

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