When You Should and Shouldn’t Mat

You’ve found the perfect piece of art so now you need to choose the right frame to showcase it. Whether you want to frame your image full bleed or with a mat is completely your personal preference.

To help you make the decision, we have come up with a few questions you should ask yourself:

What is the size of your piece?

If you have a small piece, a mat will help add that extra pop it needs. If you have a colorful piece, a white mat can help give the image breathing room. A larger artwork that has a built-in border might look great framed fully, allowing the artwork to go all the way to the frame’s edge. A mat can still work for larger pieces; we suggest a narrower mat in proportion to the artwork. Keep in mind that we can always help you chose the ideal mat size for any piece of framed artwork.

What is the piece made of?

Is your piece an original painting, a work on paper or a custom framed textile? Floating may be a good option since it gives the piece some space and ensures separation between the plexiglass and artwork. This would reveal the outside border of the artwork and it may look really unique if the papers edges have an interesting texture.

Are you looking to showcase a concert or movie poster? If so, you should go with the straightforward look of a full- bleed frame job. If you have important documents such as press clippings, newspapers magazines and online articles, then you should do a mat. Are you framing a professional photograph or a personal photograph? A mat can really help make your photo pop and it can complement the flat nature of the medium.

Where will your piece hang?

When deciding whether to mat or not, consider where and how you will hang your art. Gallery walls, walls showcasing multiple pieces in one area, are perfect when a mixture of matted, floated and full - bleed framing styles are incorporated. While in the planning phase, it’s important to consider that a mat will add to the final dimensions of your finished piece, so make sure the space you are hanging your work on can fit the size increase.

Were sure that you love and care about the piece you’re custom framing with us, so trust your gut instinct and think about what would look best in your space. If you have no clue, fret not. Jadite Galleries will work closely with you to identity the right combination of materials that reflect your taste and décor. Give us a call today at 212-977-6190, were happy to help!