Painting Restoration in Depth

Are you contemplating whether or not you should have your painting restored? Before making your decision, you should collect as much information on the condition of your painting and the probable outcome of its restoration.

To help you understand the process of conservation a little more, we have explained it in depth.

What does painting restoration actually mean?

Paintings need care in order to keep them looking their best for the longest time possible. As soon as a painting is made, it begins to age. A trained painting conservator is required due to natural aging of the painting and the accumulation of dirt over the years. Even if you have cared for the painting extremely well and displayed it properly, it will still experience the effects of natural aging and dirt accumulation, so getting it restored is a smart idea.

Restoration also means repairing paintings that have suffered paint loss, weakened canvas, water damage, tears, fire damage and insect damage. The conservator’s goal is to stabilize the remaining original artwork and fix any repairs it needs in order to preserve the artist’s original intent.

I want my painting restored, now what?

Before contacting a conservator, it’s important to have all of the facts about the painting. What is the approximate date of origin, artist and dimensions? Also, be sure to give a detailed description of what seems to be wrong with the painting so you and the conservator are on the same page.

Here at Jadite Galleries, we offer a wide variety of re-framing services to restore and give new life to our customer’s artwork. Contact us today for more details. We are looking forward to bringing your artwork back to life!